I’ve been wanting to say hello, thank you, and tell you how grand your wisdom is!
     I wish I’d formulated my experience into language before your talk the other night so that I’d have a more concrete way of sharing with others what your knowledge, and manner of transmitting it, has done for me.
     I feel like I’ve reclaimed food as a friend. For so long it has felt like an enemy. Because of much of my specific digestive problems, with constipation and cramping, I often found that the healthier I ate, the more raw veggies and ruffage and chicken over beef etc., the worse my problems became. It was so hard to choose healthy foods over junk foods when I felt the same either way, or even better when I ate pizza and burgers over salads and tofu.
     The Type B book is so interesting to me because all the food lists, even those to avoid, are what would be considered “healthy”. But now that I know what to avoid, and what to add or increase in my diet, I’m feeling better every day. I’m losing weight without even trying. I’m feeling a ton of relief from my pain and cramping and have a more consistent routine and “flow”, if you will. That is also due to the chia drinks and flax seed I’m sure.
      Overall, after meeting you, and meeting with you, I feel like I have the knowledge to know what to eat to support my specific body. This is a piece that has always been lacking. A big hole in the puzzle. And I’m doing it in baby steps, a little here and there until there is one more day in a week that I’m following this new system to the T. I’m not doing it perfectly all the time, and I’m not feeling anguished about that. I can feel the improvements and they encourage me to make more, in my own time and own way.
     The other piece that I believe you give with your soul, beyond all your studies and research, is your personal approach. I feel like you really listened, and asked questions to learn where I’m at right now, and help me discover a path I could actually implement from this place. That is just pure magic Pati. You held the space for me to step into. You looked at me squarely, without judgement, and saw the steps that were right in front of me and shone the light on them.
      I imagine that after my routine becomes old hat, I will want to meet again to learn new ways I can progress from there.
     In the meantime, I’m drinking lemon tea slowly, nibbling on gingersnaps, and turning over fairy cards in the morning.
Thanks for shining your light in our world,
You are an incredibly beautiful woman,
Thank you, thank you Pati! I’m so grateful to have found you and have truly enjoyed working with you on my health. Over the last 6 months you have helped me overcome my fears about food. I used to question what I should and should not eat, how much, was I good or bad when with the choices I made around food. I’m so happy to say that I don’t live that way anymore. You helped me free myself from the constraints of eating disorders, anxiety and self sabotage. And it was easy and fun! No crazy ideas or wacky diet techniques. Just adding in love and compassion and experimenting in my kitchen. You sharing your knowledge and complete understanding of my situation and goals has changed me for the better! I now cook nutritious foods for myself everyday and enjoy the loving, connected relationship I have with my body, mind and spirit. I love my life and I love you!

Aug 16, 2013

I’ve done all kinds of therapy over the years, working with Pati Reis has been the most effective “therapy” I’ve received. I’ve eaten “healthy” my whole life, or so I thought. Pati taught me more about my body, brain chemicals and emotions then I ever thought to consider. I had no idea how much the food you eat affects so much of how your body works. When I came to her I was experiencing of lack of focus, lack of energy, foggy brain, anxiety, depression and the fear of a possible addiction. Pati greeted me every session with a huge hug and smile and often a healthy treat. We would have our small chat about whatever comes up and then we get to the good stuff. She uncovers all kinds of things you don’t think about that affect your health.  In only 3 months of working with her I noticed a huge difference. She was patient with me as it takes a bit to change your menu and daily routines.  I got many recipes, resources, and books that support this way of life.  Today I feel fantastic, I feel younger, I have my brain back, my energy, and enthusiasm for life. I don’t feel heavy or bogged down. I have a clear head. Her approach was very authentic, honest, compassionate, sensitive, inquisitive as she listened so intently with her heart. Your health affects everything in life.  I’m so excited to feel great again in my own body! I have a lifestyle plan now.

Pati is the real deal.


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. holisticgourmet says:

    Pati has helped me to understand what a healthy relationship with food can look like. She has also helped me to understand the impact that food and nutrition has on my mind, body and spirit. I have learned to eat mindfully and lovingly.

    Thanks Pati

  2. Karen says:

    Love you Patii! I recently attended the heart cooking class and left so satisfied, inspired and full of new insights AND connected with some really great folks. I love to eat and learned to eat some love!
    Thank you Pati, you’re the best, Karen

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