Feeding the Throat Chakra

Feeding the Throat Chakra

The Holistic Gourmet’s Cooking Class
Wednesday October 27th
6:30 Pati’s Kitchen
417 J ST SLC UT 84103

“Feeding the Throat Chakra”
choice…authenticity…communication…surrender…verbal expression

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words;
it is expressed in the choice one makes”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Reserve your plate and space for an evening of cooking..food and health inspiration!!
Price: $75…includes recipes…nutrition/cooking talk and demo…healing handouts for the throat chakra…breath work…meditation and full meal! YUM!!!

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The Power of Feeding the Body, Mind and Spirit

The power is ours and the choice is ours. When we learn about the effects food and nutrients have on our bodies, brains, and life we then have the opportunity to be empowered; to take our health to heart and feel… AMAZING!!!

“We are what we eat,” but what do we eat?

This question has confused many. Eating can be pleasurable and healthy. It can heal our bodies, balance our brain chemicals, and connect us to our spiritual essence!

Our marvelous bodies are energy systems that need vibrant sources of fuel to provide them with the necessary energy to perform their functions. In the same way that a car’s engine has been designed to perform at its optimum with the right fuel mixture, so too do our bodies require the best fuel for their optimum performance. And gosh darn it…we are worth it! Let’s eat!!

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