Feeding Your Chakras!

Not feeling very grounded? Eat some protein and root veggies! Lacking flow in your life?  Add some more good fats, orange veggies/fruits and water! Your power gone astray?  Some lentils and rice might just be the ticket! Love got you down?  Add some leafy greens and maybe you’ll feel the slow stream of love return!  Having a block in speaking your truth?  How about some miso kelp soup… adding  more variety and ethnic foods  will help to open communication…and don’t forget to pray and chew!

Yes our foods can affect our chakras…the body and soul are interconnected. As we learn to develop a deeper relationship with food (one of our most intimate relationships) we begin to feel more balanced, vibrant and peaceful. So if the chakras are our energy centers…would it not make sense that food helps feed these energetic centers? That they might vibrate better with more balance? I’d say…”yes” !

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless  help us be much more that we are.” -Adele Davis

According to Deanna Minich’s work…Chakra Foods for Optimum Health…”our relationship to food and eating is symbolic of how we approach everything else in our lives”.  How do you feel about that?  Well the proof is in the pudding( lemon basmati rice) it works! At least for me… and many others who have embraced this spiritual concept of food and love! So eat your colors! “Rainbow Eating” enhances your vibration for both body and soul!

Bon Appetite’….Pati


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