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Transforming the Addicted Brain…:)

We know that thing that we continue to do even though it is causing us discomfort, ill-health and sometimes severe adverse consequences. Ugh…hello Addiction. Whether it’s the mouse or elephant in the room… addiction can rock our health and often times…our world! It can … Continue reading

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Eating for Energy and Peace

Join me on Weds 5/30/2012 for an evening of inspirational cooking, food delights and fun.

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It’s time to acknowledge that if you’re not self medicating with a substance or pharmacutical, then someone you know is…. Our community and our future generations are in great danger witha an undeniable high use of prescription and non prescription drugs. … Continue reading

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Creating Space for…Nourishment

A warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup…a hot lavender bath with candles …a sunset with colors that touch your soul…a nap…pancakes with butter,syrup and all the time in the world to eat them…a child’s laugh…a long hug…music music music!Can … Continue reading

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Addicted??? by Pati Reiss

Addicted…??? Well aren’t we all…to something? My morning latte ritual (homemade) had been disrupted while I was doing a cleanse. It made me stop and realize my deep attachment to the ritual, the taste and ok the caffeine…yes the BUZZ!! … Continue reading

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Yoga in the Kitchen…….

I read an article from a favorite yoga teacher of mine months ago on this topic,  I responded with connection and delight. He asked me about my “yoga on the kitchen”.  So as my first official blog post I am … Continue reading

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Feeding the Throat Chakra

Feeding the Throat Chakra The Holistic Gourmet’s Cooking Class Wednesday October 27th 6:30 Pati’s Kitchen 417 J ST SLC UT 84103 “Feeding the Throat Chakra” truth…speaking…self-knowledge…hearing…smell…taste…sound…faith choice…authenticity…communication…surrender…verbal expression “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in … Continue reading

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