Transforming the Addicted Brain…:)


We know that thing that we continue to do even though it is causing us discomfort, ill-health and sometimes severe adverse consequences. Ugh…hello Addiction. Whether it’s the mouse or elephant in the room… addiction can rock our health and often times…our world! It can seem as innocuous as eating a few Cheetos (bet you can’t eat just one…thanks MSG) or shooting heroin in a bathroom…What are we addicted to? Why are we addicted? and How can we stop?

What are we addicted to? sugar, pot, exercise, chocolate, computer games, alcohol, drama, heroin, porn, MSG, aspartame, Valium, meth etc……You know what it is and if its out of balance, if you can’t be without it and you dream about it!

Why are we addicted? chemical imbalance is the big one…we are always seeking balance!  So when we are out of balance (particularly our brains) we will surely try to find some type of remedy!! But also add to that malnutrition, allergies, toxicity, genetics, food additives, social pressures, stress, trauma, abuse, spiritual connection, these are all factors contributing to addiction!

How can we stop? just say “NO” hah! The first line of action is correcting the physical & chemical imbalances, addiction is physical!!  I am not talking about drug replacement here either, ever try to get off Xanax or how about Effexor? No I am talking about nutrition and amino acid therapy. As Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer so beautifully said “anything a drug can do there is a nutrient to do the same thing” so let’s do it! Correct the physical imbalances then the therapy,  AA, energy healing and other methods will work more effectively. This is holistic sustainable recovery…addressing the body, mind and spirit. But without correcting  the body and chemical imbalance, chances of a happy and healthy recovery are slim even as we “work the program”.

I know this because I have lived this and it was the missing link for me in my own healing recovery journey! I have seen the miracles in my own life,  for many of my clients and countless others. This is not magic, this is biochemical science that also…heals the soul. May you find hope for yourself or loved ones in this most powerful work…this is transforming the addicted brain!     Namaste’ Pati

   The Holistic Gourmet & High Vibe Recovery                                                               “Bringing Health and Recovery to the Planet One Plate at a Time”                            pati@patireiss…

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Show Day–Beings of Light Unite: Food & Your Physical Vessel

Listen to Pati on Shiftishappening iTV show!!!

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Eating for Energy and Peace

Join me on Weds 5/30/2012 for an evening of inspirational cooking, food delights and fun.

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It’s time to acknowledge that if you’re not self medicating with a substance or pharmacutical, then someone you know is….

Our community and our future generations are in great danger witha an undeniable high use of prescription and non prescription drugs.

Please Join “HELP for Community Recovery”

for a free educational event Saturday May 5th, 2012

in the Auditorium of the Whitmore Library

2197 East Fort Union Blvd, SLC, Utah 84121



Pati Reiss

Recovery Health Coach



  Christian Delahunty

 Recovery Energy Coach


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Creating Space for…Nourishment

A warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup…a hot lavender bath with candles …a sunset with colors that touch your soul…a nap…pancakes with butter,syrup and all the time in the world to eat them…a child’s laugh…a long hug…music music music!Can you feel it? What nourishes you?
Creating space for nourishment…has many healing benefits!!Creating space for my own nourishment has been a theme in my life for the last few years now. It is part of what I like to call my “daily deal”…making time to feed myself…body, mind and soul that is! Without it…I feel less present and stress can quickly begin to creep in and run the show. It also helps with “a flow in my life” that almost seems effortless…and what I always seemed to be pushing towards before. Yes that flow…you know what I am talking about…that slightly blissful peace we often feel on vacation or at a retreat? My friends this is possible in daily life…that retreat feeling of flow and bliss!!!
You want to know the secret? Begin small. Create time for one sweet nourishing thing a day, move and EAT WELL! Then watch how things begin to shift just a wee bit at first…then the bliss momentum begins… yum!!! Breathe…and maybe take a nap!
In the last 2 months I have cooked for 2 yoga retreats…YUM! It was an opportunity for me to create nourishing food for 4 to 5 days in a nourishing beautiful environment. Even though I cooked…I also created space to nourish myself…resting and connecting with nature that surrounded both of these magnificent spaces. I was creating that blissful flow with my work and my “daily deal”!!! You can do it too!!!
Come join Demi and I this New Years to bring in 2012 at a “Nourishing Yoga Food Retreat” in Brian Head, Utah. Let us nourish you and share nourishing tips on creating space for your own personal nourishment in your daily life…YUM!
Blessings and Happy Eating…Pati 🙂

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Addicted??? by Pati Reiss

Well aren’t we all…to something? My morning latte ritual (homemade) had been disrupted while I was doing a cleanse. It made me stop and realize my deep attachment to the ritual, the taste and ok the caffeine…yes the BUZZ!!
This particular addiction happens to be one of my least damaging ones. I am proud to say…that I am skilled at making things I like into the healthiest versions possible. And I tried that with my drinking and drug use. I only drank organic wine and my pot was pesticide free…I was the holistic addict!
I now can share this journey of the darkest despair that I have ever known to the blissful joy I now live!
My early years a s a child were so lovely. We were pretty much a happy, healthy family…lots of laughter and love. My father was a holistic chiropractor back in the 60’s in NY…a man ahead of his time. In 1966 he was killed in front of our home…a sight and day that changed my life. The bubble that I created around me was my protection from the horror I witnessed and was living in.
That bubble was filled with sugar and many years later with alcohol…then pot to help me feel normal and deal with life. It felt like “I was home”. I also felt a sense of connection to “God”…Spirit and a “Universal Intelligence”. What I realize now is that this feeling was mostly a bio-chemical reaction to a broken brain that felt better with these chemicals!!
So for all the years I drank and smoked pot…I could have had a natural replacement for these??? Well…yes…but it involves a wee bit more than that. It is a “lifestyle change” as well! A deeper look into the anxiety and depression I was experiencing…that was not only a result of the trauma, divorce, etc…but my own personal bio-chemical brain imbalance!
My days of darkness were so intense!!! Suicide felt like the only option! How could I think of suicide? I had two beautiful children, a family who loved me, great friends. None of that mattered then…my brain and body were so broken and sick that relief was all that I was seeking!
So from my sugar addiction as a child and young adult to my alcohol, pot (and a few other drugs here and there) I am now the keeper of a healthy body, brain and soul! Yes they are all interconnected. Like a 3 legged stool that cannot stand upright unless all 3 are well. Is there hope? You bet there is! I am a living example of this. Never in my darkest days would I have thought I could feel this way without my drugs and alcohol. As my nephew’s friends inquired about me to him “Dude what drugs is your Aunt on”? My joy, bliss and humor had to be related to a drug? I am proud to say my drug of choice now, brain nutrients, hiking, skiing, laughing, yoga, dance, meditation, healthy relationships, giving to others and LOVE!
PS…I still have my latte!!!
Blessings…Pati Reiss
The Holistic Gourmet

Addicted? Tired?
There is Hope…
A Personalized Recovery Program

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Yoga in the Kitchen…….

I read an article from a favorite yoga teacher of mine months ago on this topic,  I responded with connection and delight. He asked me about my “yoga on the kitchen”.  So as my first official blog post I am writing about my “yoga in the kitchen”……hoping to maybe inspiring  yours as well!

Food was not always my friend ….can you relate?  I grew up with family meals and with an awareness of the demon “sugar”. My dad was a holistic chiropractor….a rare breed in the 60s. We had no junk food and sugar in our home. Well that is till he died in 1966 (accident…not health ‘sugar’ related). Welcome sugar….canned macaroni and cheese and well….home cooked meals…greens??? I don’t think so!!!  So the food roller coaster began…and I struggled for years and years not understanding the connection between my intake of food and my fluctuating mood and energy swings. I could not concentrate in school…was labeled a slow learner….”shut up”…..and my life continued to ebb and flow with instability. Yes I know my life experience did play a role in this…however…would it have been different if my food was different. YOU BET! But the contrast helps me write  to you today.

Food is now my friend. I realize that everything I put into  my body becomes part of me.  So that I am actually “walking food”.  And it is not just about “what goes in” but…..”how it is prepared”. Yes cooking is like yoga to me.  It is a spiritual creative experience. I don’t always know what I’m doing…do you? But try anyway and experiment. So one of my experiments came out ok.  The “Chia Pet Bean Burger”…..made a video on this ….will post it soon!  I came up with this recipe when I was doing a “liver cleanse”…don’t ask! So no meat and dairy on this cleanse (duh)…but I am hypoglycemic so I need protein! Mmmmmmm….beans…rice…hemp seeds…. chia seeds…onions…garlic…..cilantro…..spices…walah a burger was born! I do my yoga in the kitchen….maybe this was power yoga that day….I prefer restore…makes better soup!  I made a big batch….froze the leftovers and continued on my liver cleanse.

One of the quotes from the nutrition school I attended in NYC was…”cook like your life depended on it…because it does” I hated that quote when I was not cooking and preparing my food. But now I get it. So just begin….baby steps…..maybe make on thing today or tomorrow. Make a little extra so you can have more meals. Connect with the food…breathe…look at the food…feel it…it is quite miraculous some of these edible life healing morsels from Mother Earth. Feel gratitude and begin your own “yoga in the kitchen”…Namaste’ and Bon Appetite! Pati

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